To all of our dear customers in Albuquerque… Sadly, we can no longer deliver milk to the Kmart parking lot on Tuesdays, as the City of Albuquerque considers the two hour time slot “storage” of raw milk and is not allowed. Despite prior approval, when we started 3 years ago, the Health Department for the City is now unwilling to give us any sort of exemption. This means we can no longer sell or distribute raw milk in Bernalillo County, most likely, until the City’s laws change to match the State’s.

How To Continue Getting Your Raw Milk In The Albuquerque Area

Fortunately, you can still get healthy raw milk from very clean grass fed cows, but it will be a small drive to our farm or an even smaller drive to Moses Kountry Health Food Store in Los Rancheros, near the Cottonwood Mall.